​Attend  Orientation and Parent Training meetings at the beginning of the school year. 

Both meetings are mandatory. 

Serve on the Board of Directors or on one Committee position per child enrolled. All working parents must attend a training before being allowed to work in the classroom

Work in the classroom as assigned on the monthly schedule. *The number of days you will work in class varies by month, class size and schedule (2-5 days/month). Working parents are required to arrive 15 minutes prior to class and stay 15 minutes after class for clean up

Accumulate eight (8) Parent Education Credits  

Participate in 2 classroom deep cleaning during the school year (held one Saturday a month)

SY 2019 - 2020 fall fundraiser TRIKE_A_THON event

​​Bethel Cooperative     Preschool



Each family is strongly encouraged to participate in fundraising and required to participate annual auction activities to help meet the school's operating budget and keep tuition low.

Superhero theme SY 2018 - 2019

Classroom Routines
Daily classroom routines are planned to help your child feel secure and gain a sense of order about the school environment. Your teacher has developed a unique schedule (daily sequence of events) to provide opportunities for both individual and group endeavors. Each parent should have received a paper copy of the school year's schedule at the mandatory orientation. Please become familiar with the monthly activities, Color Day (clothes or accessory), Cooking Day (Parent #2 please contact the teacher for details), and be advised on the NO SCHOOL days such as field trips, ABC days, holiday breaks, and conference week (twice a year).

Attendance Sheets
All parents and caregivers are required to initial the attendance sheet when dropping off and picking up your child. The attendance sheets are located outside on the left side of the door on a table. These attendance sheets are used to record daily attendance as well as in the event of an emergency. Parents must be vigilant about keeping the contact information on their children’s emergency forms current. If any information changes please give the new information to the registrar or teacher. 

Bulletin Boards and Flyers 
Your teacher’s bulletin board and other flyers at the entrance is a key communication vehicle. Look on the board posted inside (left side of front door entrance) for monthly co-oping schedules, news of upcoming areas of study, events, field trip information, and general classroom happenings. Be sure to NOTE any changes on your teacher’s co-op schedule of your working days. Teachers need to know in advance who to expect as their classroom assistants (3 parents/class).

Change of Clothing and Classroom Dress
Your child will need an extra complete change of clothes stored in his/her backpack at school. This includes pants, shirt, socks, and underwear. It should be brought to school every day. Because the teachers are committed to letting the children learn by doing, they often get their clothes dirty. Please send your child to school in clothes that can get soiled or stained. Rubber-soled shoes work best for your child's safety and comfort inside the room and outside on the playground.​​

If your cild is showing symptoms of illness, it is best for his/her health and the health of the other children that you keep your child at home. If your child requires medication while at the center, you will be required to fill out a "Medication Release Form."  A child that is showing uncomfortable signs of a cold, flu, or lethargic symptoms and is unable to participate in classroom activities will be sent home. 

Bethel Co-op is a NUT FREE school. No nut products are allowed inside the school at any time (in snacks or candy treats during holidays). Food allergies are noted on the child’s placemat during snack time and placed in the emergency bag (health form and any required medication by a physician).

Healthy Snacks
The co-oping parent is required to bring the snack for the class on the day he/she is assigned as Parent #2 for the class. Guidelines for healthy snack suggestions are given at the Orientation and/or emailed. Parents do not need to bring paper products to serve the snack to the children. The school owns sets of plastic cups, plates, utensils, and napkins to be used in each class. It is the responsibility of the co-oping parent to wash any used school owned plastic ware, utensils, pitchers and to take home any excess snacks/supplies that was brought in. 

Birthday celebrations are the exception to our healthy snack requirement. Cupcakes or another treat, in addition to a healthy snack, are fine to honor the special day. The sweet item must be served after the healthy snack has been served. Party favors, hats, tablecloths, candles and balloons are not permitted.