Fundraising Activities:

Chocolate Bars

Holiday Wreath Sale

Annual Auction:

Held in March with a unique theme, which includes a silent auction, live auction, raffles, and 50/50 ticket sales.

If you would like to make a donation to our school, please email us at

What is a cooperative preschool?

A cooperative preschool is a nonprofit organization run by parents and an elected board of directors. Parents work in the classroom on a rotating schedule to assist the teacher. Parents also enroll in a continuing education class through Bates Technical College and earn clock hours by attending parenting classes as part of  our monthly meetings. 

How is a parent cooperative preschool funded?
Bethel Cooperative Preschool is a non-profit organization. The tuition we collect on a monthly basis does not cover all of our expenses. In order to pay our teachers salary, buy school supplies, fund special programs, pay affiliate fees and accreditation fees we supplement with fundraising.

What class should I put my child in?
Find more info on CLASSES & TUITION tab at the top of the screen.

Who runs the preschool?
Parents do! We have a board of directors that gets together once a month to discuss school business and/or vote on important decisions. At a parent cooperative preschool, you the parents have the opportunity to be directly involved in your child’s’ education.

What is expected of parents at a cooperative preschool?
In order to keep tuition costs low, parents are expected to volunteer as assistant teachers in the classroom. Typically parents volunteer anywhere from 3-5 times a month, depending on the month and class size. We also require each family to join a committee at the beginning of the school year. Each family is required to participate. 

Do the children eat snack?
Yes. One parent each class (PARENT #2 on the monthly calendar) is assigned to bring nutritious snacks to share (8-15 children, 4 adults). Suggestions of snacks will be available at ORIENTATION. We do take into consideration allergies and food preferences; the preschool is NUT-FREE.

We serve only water to drink.


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