Bates Affiliation

The cooperative preschool program is a parent- and child-participation program. Parents are enrolled in the Bates Technical College parent education program, and on a monthly basis, they attend a parent education opportunity presented by the co-op preschool, Bates Technical College, or a community agency, as part of the lecture requirement. While parents are enrolled in the Bates parent education program, they earn college credit in a continuing education program.

Child Studies Instructors from Bates Technical College provide the cooperative preschools with teacher and leadership training, parent education seminars, technical assistance, information and support.

Parents enrolled in affiliated cooperative preschools have access to many parenting resources on the Bates campus, including parenting seminars and the Resource Center, an early-childhood work center where parents can create projects to take home and do with their children. There is also an early childhood library, laminating and book binding, and over 500 die cuts for scrapbooking and craft activities.

What does registration as a Bates student mean?

Registration with Bates Technical College means that parents are enrolled in a continuing education program and are earning clock hours toward a Parenting Certificate. Working in the classroom is considered laboratory hours and attending parent education meetings is the lecture for the program. No other classroom  time or visits to the Bates campus in Tacoma are required.

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