Healthy snacks and cooking days are fun!                     Activity stations during Valentine's!              

Bethel Cooperative Preschool is a non-profit accredited organization that complies with all federal rules and regulations in providing equal opportunities in both learning and employment. Bethel Co-op adheres to all state and federal non-discrimination laws. Our Co-op does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, gender or religious preference.

We play indoors & outdoors.                                                 We practice our writing and cutting skills.

Our Program

Bethel Co-op Preschool is a welcoming community of diverse families coming together to provide a safe learning environment for children. Through a play-based philosophy, we nurture creativity and educational growth and encourage a positive social atmosphere. 

​       Science, Math, Stories, Art      Music and Dramatic Play
   Reading/Writing Readiness     Monthly walks at the park    

   Decision-making             Listening Skills          Cooperation

Our Preschool

Field trips requiring a parent/guardian with student.    ABC Day "A Bonding Chance" all 3 classes to go on trips.

Bethel Co-op students are hands-on learners,

children learn through individual and group activities:

​​​​​​Bethel Cooperative