Taking part in a cooperative preschool allows you to be directly involved with your child’s early education. Interacting with a community of other parents who share your commitment to childhood and receiving modeling by the teacher as you help, gives you opportunities to learn alongside your child.

Here at Bethel Co-op, we bond with your child

and create memories together.


Bethel Co-op caters to families with

​children ages 3yrs to 5yrs old


Open enrollment for 2019-2020

Contact us! Tour by appointment!

​​Bethel Cooperative Preschool

  Where we play
  to learn and
  learn ​to play!

Summer TOUR Days:

August 9 12nn-1pm / August 27 4pm-6pm


Wednesday, September 4

11am-1pm & 6-7pmpm


"Great school and a wonderful teacher. You get to meet new people and form a community with them. I love how when I help out I can see where my child need more help. Then I can help my child do better in the future."

"We feel like we are a part of a wonderful family. We are impressed with the program and so happy our daughter gets to be a part of it."

"Fantastic family oriented preschool with an amazing heartbeat for our children!"


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